Re: Exporting Kernel Symbols

From: shesha bhushan (
Date: Thu Feb 13 2003 - 16:10:07 EST

OK I got this working. It was a very silly thing.
linux/fs/read_write.c had not included <linux/module.h> But the kernel
compilation was not complaining about the useage of EXPORT_SYMBOL without
including <linux/module.
Now its working fine.


>From: "Randy.Dunlap" <>
>To: "shesha bhushan" <>
>Subject: Re: Exporting Kernel Symbols
>Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2003 12:26:10 -0800
>On Thu, 13 Feb 2003 20:22:48 +0000
>"shesha bhushan" <> wrote:
>| Hi,
>| I have written a new function in linux/fs/read_write.c and I want to
>| the function avaliable to other kernel modules loaded using insmod.
>| He is what I did:
>| 1. Wrore the func my_func() in linux/fs/read_write.c
>| 2. Used the macro EXPORT_SYMBOL(my_func) inside linux/fs/read_write.c
>| 3. Have a signature of my_func in my_func.h
>| 4. Include my_func.h in linux/fs/read_write.c and my_driver.c
>| 5. Recompiled the kernel
>| 6. Compiler my_driver as loadable module.
>| 7. Brought my new kernel Up.
>| 8 . Insmod my_driver.o
>| Here I get the error "Unresolved symbol my_func"
>| Can any one clarify this.
>For what kernel version?
>In 2.4.20, e.g., in linux/fs/Makefile, change the following line:
>export-objs := filesystems.o open.o dcache.o buffer.o
>to include read_write.o
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