Re: Linux 2.5.60

From: Oleg Drokin (
Date: Thu Feb 13 2003 - 03:19:50 EST


On Wed, Feb 12, 2003 at 11:12:38PM -0500, Jeff Dike wrote:
> The only other solution I see is to rename the kernel sigprocmask. Oleg Drokin
> has done with this with a
> -Dsigprocmask=__sigprocmask
> on kernel code compiles, and I've done it at link time with objcopy. This

This is a bit incorrect.
I do -Dsigprocmask=__sigprocmask on user code part of UML. I found that glibc
(at least the one I have) defines sigprocmask as weak symbol, but there is
__sigprocmask already that has same address as sigprocmask.
Also this does not work for dynamic build for some reason.

> Anyway, if there's something better, I really want to know about it.

Yeah, someone please come up with the better way. Please!

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