Re: Monta Vista software license terms

From: Jamie Lokier (
Date: Wed Feb 12 2003 - 22:01:30 EST

David Schwartz wrote:
> It's a complex and technical legal issue,

I agree.

> but I'm not doing anything
> unusual with it. See, for example, section 103 which states:
> "The copyright in a compilation or derivative work extends only to
> the material contributed by the author of such work, as distinguished
> from the preexisting material employed in the work, and does not
> imply any exclusive right in the preexisting material."

This seems to be the realm of the "user does the link" and "user does
the patch" discussions from many years ago on gnu.misc.discuss.

Clarity wasn't forthcoming then, either.

(Personally I suspect it would be a long and complicated argument in
court, questioning awkward things like intent of the law, intent of
the authors, quid pro quo and other considerations if the parties were
willing to pursue it all the way. But I know very little about law!)

-- Jamie
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