sched_init prematurely enables interrupts

From: Todd Inglett (
Date: Wed Feb 12 2003 - 08:44:56 EST

I think this bit is prematurely enabling interrupts in sched_init:

======== kernel/sched.c 1.1..1.156 ========
D 1.156 03/02/09 21:32:34-08:00 179 178
P kernel/sched.c
C Make "try_to_wake_up()" care about the state of the process woken up.
C This simplifies "default_wake_function()", and makes it possible for
C signal handling to wake up only stopped tasks without races.
C It also makes it impossible to wake up already running processes, which
C means that the early boot sequence has to use the (much more correct)
C "wake_up_forked_process()" to put the initial task on the runqueues.

The problem is that wake_up_forked_process() does an rq_unlock(rq) which
is a spin_unlock_irq.


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