Building CRAMFS

From: Nandakumar NarayanaSwamy (
Date: Wed Feb 12 2003 - 06:39:45 EST

Dear All,

We am trying to use CRAMFS for the target board which has
8 MB flash and 32 MB RAM.

I have few clarifications regarding CRAMFS.

1) Does CRAMFS requires initrd support?

2) From the net and few archival mails, i get to know that CRAMFS
be built in 2 ways. One building with the kernel and the other
creating the CRAMFS image and writing that image in to the

3) Also if i wan to build with the kernel, whether the same
procedure for ramdisk can be used? i.e. creating CRAMFS image,
coverting it to
a object code format and copy it to src/linux/arch/mips/boot as

Thanks in advance,

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