side issues of baloney with that ham...(was LSM changes for 2.5.59)

From: LA Walsh (
Date: Wed Feb 12 2003 - 03:12:53 EST

> > > Some security people were banned from the kernel
> > >devel. summit because their thoughts were deemed
> 'dangerous': fear was they
> > >were too persuasive about ideas that were deemed
> 'ignorant' and would
> > >fool those poor kernel lambs at the summit.
> > >
> > Internal SGI politics.

	Actually...the above incident had nothing (to my knowledge)
to do with SGI politics but with Linux 'community' politics. However,
politics and Machiavelli have never been my forte (I tend to be too
straightforward/open), so in agreement with Mr. Schaufler, below, 
what would I know regarding such?

> Just a gentle reminder that Ms. Walsh is not an SGI employee > and that any opinions she may express regarding the Linux > development process are her own, and may not reflect the > views or understandings of SGI or any other individuals > involved.

In the same spirit, just a gentle reminder, Mr. Schaufler is a manager at a commercial company that receives most of its revenue from IRIX based machines. His group recently released CAPP and LSPP approved versions (yeay!) of SGI's proprietary IRIX Operating System. Given the proven success of Trusted IRIX in the security market, his views and actions may not reflect the best interests of the Linux Security Community or any of the individuals involved.

My interest is that of a software designer who has been too interested in product quality, design and performance and has been chastened because such issues don't bring in revenue and are not commercial company goals. Anything effort above the "_minimum_ needed to get by" was often considered insubordinate and recalcitrant. In a commercial company, capitalistically motivated, this is true. Commercial giants in the software world have demonstrated that quality issues rate well below features and schedule.

> SGI is currently not > active in this effort, and makes no claims regarding > it's appropriateness to any particular purpose. --- Exactly. :-)


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