2.5.59-mjb6 (scalability / NUMA patchset)

From: Martin J. Bligh (mbligh@aracnet.com)
Date: Tue Feb 11 2003 - 13:03:40 EST

The patchset contains mainly scalability and NUMA stuff, and anything
else that stops things from irritating me. It's meant to be pretty stable,
not so much a testing ground for new stuff.

I'd be very interested in feedback from anyone willing to test on any
platform, however large or small.




Since 2.5.59-mjb5 (~ = changed, + = added, - = dropped)

Fixed bug between NFS and dcache, and some oprofile bug on UP.
4K stacks are back and crash dump support has arrived (thanks to Suparna
for help merging and bufixing)

+ dcache_sunrpc Maneesh
~ cyclone_fixes John Stultz
+ oprofile_fixes John Levon
+ thread_info_cleanup Dave Hansen / Ben LaHaise
+ interrupt_stacks Dave Hansen / Ben LaHaise
+ stack_usage_check Dave Hansen / Ben LaHaise
+ 4k_stack Dave Hansen
+ fix_kgdb Dave Hansen
+ stacks_from_slab Bill Irwin
+ thread_under_page Bill Irwin
+ lkcd LKCD team
+ alt_sysrq_t Russell King

kirq interrupt balancing patch (Nitin Kamble)
auto_disable_tsc (John Stultz)
scheduler callers profiling (Anton)
PPC64 NUMA patches (Anton)
Child runs first (akpm)
e1000 fixes
Non-PAE aligned kernel splits (Dave Hansen)
Update the lost timer ticks code
Ingo scheduler updates

dcache_rcu Dipankar / Maneesh
        Use RCU type locking for the dentry cache.

dcache_sunrpc Maneesh
        Fix up NFS to work properly with dcache

early_printk Dave Hansen et al.
        Allow printk before console_init

confighz Andrew Morton / Dave Hansen
        Make HZ a config option of 100 Hz or 1000 Hz

config_page_offset Dave Hansen / Andrea
        Make PAGE_OFFSET a config option

vmalloc_stats Dave Hansen
        Expose useful vmalloc statistics

local_pgdat William Lee Irwin
        Move the pgdat structure into the remapped space with lmem_map

numameminfo Martin Bligh / Keith Mannthey
        Expose NUMA meminfo information under /proc/meminfo.numa

notsc Martin Bligh
        Enable notsc option for NUMA-Q (new version for new config system)

mpc_apic_id Martin J. Bligh
        Fix null ptr dereference (optimised away, but ...)

doaction Martin J. Bligh
        Fix cruel torture of macros and small furry animals in io_apic.c

kgdb Andrew Morton / Various People
        The older version of kgdb, synched with 2.5.54-mm1

noframeptr Martin Bligh
        Disable -fomit_frame_pointer

ingosched Ingo Molnar
        Modify NUMA scheduler to have independant tick basis.

schedstat Rick Lindsley
        Provide stats about the scheduler under /proc/stat

sched_tunables Robert Love
        Provide tunable parameters for the scheduler (+ NUMA scheduler)

discontig_x440 Pat Gaughen / IBM NUMA team
        SLIT/SRAT parsing for x440 discontigmem

acpi_x440_hack Anonymous Coward
        Stops x440 crashing, but owner is ashamed of it ;-)

summit_smp John Stultz
        Make Summit config options work on standard SMP

cyclone_fixes John Stultz
        Fix up some stuff for the x440's cyclone timer

enable_cyclone John Stultz
        Enable the x440's cyclone timer

lost_tick John Stultz
        Detect lost timer ticks

frlock_xtime Stephen Hemminger et al.
        Turn xtime_lock into an frlock to reduce contention

frlock-xtime-i386 Stephen Hemminger et al.
        Turn xtime_lock into an frlock to reduce contention

frlock-xtime-ia64 Stephen Hemminger et al.
        Turn xtime_lock into an frlock to reduce contention

frlock-xtime-other Stephen Hemminger et al.
        Turn xtime_lock into an frlock to reduce contention

numaq_ioapicids William Lee Irwin
        Stop 8 quad NUMA-Qs from panicing due to phys apicid "exhaustion".

oprofile_p4 John Levon
        Updates for oprofile for P4s. Needs new userspace tools.

starfire Ion Badulescu
        64 bit aware starfire driver

tcp_fix Alexey
        Stop some tcp problem with hardware checksumming (e1000?)

numa_pci_fix Dave Hansen
        Fix a potential error in the numa pci code from Stanford Checker

pgd_ctor William Lee Irwin
        Use slabs for pgd

pfn_to_nid William Lee Irwin
        Turn pfn_to_nid into a macro

oprofile_fixes John Levon
        fix a couple of bugs in oprofile

kprobes Vamsi Krishna S
        Add kernel probes hooks to the kernel

dmc_exit1 Dave McCracken
        Speed up the exit path, pt 1.

dmc_exit2 Dave McCracken
        Speed up the exit path, pt 1.

shpte Dave McCracken
        Shared pagetables (as a config option)

thread_info_cleanup (4K stacks pt 1) Dave Hansen / Ben LaHaise
        Prep work to reduce kernel stacks to 4K
interrupt_stacks (4K stacks pt 2) Dave Hansen / Ben LaHaise
        Create a per-cpu interrupt stack.

stack_usage_check (4K stacks pt 3) Dave Hansen / Ben LaHaise
        Check for kernel stack overflows.

4k_stack (4K stacks pt 4) Dave Hansen
        Config option to reduce kernel stacks to 4K

fix_kgdb Dave Hansen
        Fix interaction between kgdb and 4K stacks

stacks_from_slab William Lee Irwin
        Take kernel stacks from the slab cache, not page allocation.

thread_under_page William Lee Irwin
        Fix THREAD_SIZE < PAGE_SIZE case

lkcd LKCD team
        Linux kernel crash dump support

alt_sysrq_t Russell King
        Fix up ALT+sysrq+t

-mjb Martin Bligh
        Add a tag to the makefile

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