Re: stochastic fair queueing in the elevator [Re: [BENCHMARK] 2.4.20-ck3 / aa / rmap with contest]

From: Jason Lunz (
Date: Tue Feb 11 2003 - 12:17:47 EST said:
>> By all means, do the same thing with disk i/o. It's been a smashing
>> success with packet queueing.
> Well, that's the point.

Yes, what you've done with cbq is great. What I was referring to,
though, is the user configurability of network frame queueing. It's
possible to do really complex things for very specialized needs, yet
also easy to put in a simple tweak if there's just one type of traffic
you need to prioritize. It'd be nice to have that kind of
configurability for unusual i/o loads, and the arbitrary queue stacking
is a whole different beast than having a couple of tunables to tweak.


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