[PATCH] add missing includes for the r8169.c driver

From: Geoffrey Lee (glee@gnupilgrims.org)
Date: Tue Feb 11 2003 - 04:52:42 EST

Hi all,

The following patch adds two missing includes for the r8169.c driver, which
without, prevented compilation. The problem was discovered on an alpha.

It compiles, but as I have no hardware to test with I cannot test whether
it works.

The patch is against marcelo's 2.4.21-pre4, status for 2.5 is unknown.

        -- G.

char p[] = "\xeb\x1f\x5e\x89\x76\x08\x31\xc0\x88\x46\x07\x89\x46\x0c\xb0\x0b"

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