2.5.60 3c509 & net/Space.c problem

From: Mikael Pettersson (mikpe@csd.uu.se)
Date: Mon Feb 10 2003 - 20:44:19 EST

>From Linus' 2.5.60 announcement:

>James Bottomley <james.bottomley@steeleye.com>:
> o 3c509 fixes: correct MCA probing, add back ISA probe to Space.c

This is somewhat broken. patch-2.5.60 has

--- a/drivers/net/Space.c Mon Feb 10 10:39:23 2003
+++ b/drivers/net/Space.c Mon Feb 10 10:39:23 2003
@@ -224,6 +224,9 @@
 #ifdef CONFIG_EL2 /* 3c503 */
        {el2_probe, 0},
+#ifdef CONFIG_EL3
+ {el3_probe, 0},
        {hp_probe, 0},

but (a) there's no declaration for el3_probe() in scope at this
point, leading to a compile error, and (b) el3_probe() is still
'static' in 3c509.c, leading to a linkage error (assuming a
declaration for el3_probe() was added to Space.c to fix (a) first)

Reverting the patch to Space.c solved the problem for me.

Why the probe list entry? Isn't the module_init() in 3c509.c enough?

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