Re: [BK PATCH] LSM changes for 2.5.59

From: Bill Davidsen (
Date: Mon Feb 10 2003 - 17:14:50 EST

On Sun, 9 Feb 2003, Crispin Cowan wrote:

> And I actually like that plan. But I still believe it to be too radical
> for 2.6. It has many nice properties, but is much more invasive to the
> kernel. I think it is a very interesting idea for 2.7, and should be
> floated past the maintainers who will be impacted to see if it has a
> hope in hell.

Too radical? After the modules rewrite how could anything short of a
rewrite in another language be too radical. At least a unified set of
security hooks would be a feature which would be immediately useful and
easy to understand. The benefits of the module changes are not as obvious.

With MS pushing their own security initiative, which seems to be building
computers which only run their os, this would have been a really good
feature from a mindshare perspective.

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