2.5.60 not booting on P4 3.06HT

From: Tariq Shureih (tariq@linux.co.intel.com)
Date: Mon Feb 10 2003 - 16:16:11 EST

I have actually been struggling with booting the system, a Dell Dimension
4550 with a P4 3.06ht, with either 2.5.59 or 2.5.60.

Several compile problems in 2.5.60 and had to disable support for a whole
bunch of stuff and finally when rebooted (using grub) the system hangs at
"Loading linux.....".

The system boots with 2.4.18 (redhat's 8.0 install).

Same problem occurs with 2.5.59.

Config is attached.

Has anyone booted a P4 ht 3.06 system or ran into similar problems?

Thanks in advance.

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