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Date: Mon Feb 10 2003 - 14:38:35 EST

Castle Technology Limited ask me to post this press release to the
Linux Kernel mailing list.

By posting this press release, I wish to make it absolutely clear
that I am not expressing any views either way with respect to this
press release, merely passing the information on as requested.

Russell King (                The developer of ARM Linux

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10th February 2003

Castle Technology Limited note with interest the recent discussion regarding their IYONIX computer, the world's first desktop computer to use the Intel XScale processor.

Following discussions with Russell King and with this in mind, Castle should like to respond to claims originally proposed in Justin Fletcher's "ReadMe.txt" file and Russell King's subsequent posting to the Linux Kernel Mailing List.

The RISC OS 5.00 kernel did not contain work taken from or derived from the ARM-Linux or Linux kernel.

The RISC OS 5.01 kernel did not contain work taken from or derived from the ARM-Linux or Linux kernel.

The RISC OS 5.02 kernel does not contain work taken from or derived from the ARM-Linux or Linux kernel.

There are no plans to use GPL derived code in any part of the RISC OS kernel in the future.

For the avoidance of doubt, the hardware abstraction layer (roughly analogous to a PC's BIOS) has it's PCI allocation and bridge setup based in part on the following functions from the Linux kernel sources: pci_alloc_primary_bus pbus_size_bridges pbus_assign_resources_sorted pci_setup_bridge pci_bridge_check_ranges pbus_size_mem pbus_assign_resources pci_assign_unassigned_resources pci_scan_bus pcibios_update_resource pci_read_bases pci_alloc_bus pci_add_new_bus pci_do_scan_bus pci_scan_bridge pci_setup_device pci_scan_device pci_scan_slot pcibios_fixup_bus pci_calc_resource_flags pci_size pdev_fixup_device_resources pbus_assign_bus_resources pci_do_scan_bus pcibios_fixup_pbus_ranges pci_assign_resource pdev_sort_resources pdev_enable_device pbus_size_io

Any company or individual wishing to receive a copy of the source code to this component should apply in writing to:

The Managing Director Castle Technology Ltd Ore Trading Estate Woodbridge Road Framlingham Suffolk IP13 9LL

enclosing a formatted 3.5" floppy diskette and return postage stamps, or international reply coupons for those outside the United Kingdom.

These sources will also form an integral part of a forthcoming Linux port to the IYONIX.

With the tough goal of fitting all of the supporting software and applications for the IYONIX computer into just 4Mbytes of ROM, later issues of the supporting software have had to have function names removed (along with a strategy of tokenising textual messages and compressing binaries) to make room for, in particular, the support for the 'boot keyboard' USB drivers.

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