Re: 2.4.x end of tape handling error

From: Pete Zaitcev (
Date: Mon Feb 10 2003 - 14:04:30 EST

> I have had reported from a client that they are having problems with
> backups that span more than one tape. Instead of getting an EOT error
> or EOM, they are getting an I/O error wich requires the driver to be
> unloaded and reloaded before the tape will work again.
> Says that the redhat 2.4.9-34 kernel is
> the last one that had proper EOT handling. Indeed, if they use the
> 2.4.9-34 kernel, the tape works properly. Thats not a very good
> solution however.

You neglected to mention what kind of tape it is. There are
several types of tapes, served by a jigsaw puzzle of various

> Is this fixed in the latest 2.4.21-pres? How about in 2.5.x?

Why don't you try and verify it, then let us know? You may
be the only guy in the world mad enough to use a tape with 2.5.x.
Please share your valuable expirience.

-- Pete
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