Re: Problem w/2.5.59 & orinoco_pci (works w/2.4.18)

From: Jean Tourrilhes (
Date: Mon Feb 10 2003 - 12:36:03 EST

On Sat, Feb 08, 2003 at 10:43:21PM -0800, Cory Bell wrote:
> This is on an old Dell Pentium/100. This may or may not be related, but
> it requires pci=conf1 (for 2.4) or pci=conf2 (for 2.5) to get proper
> lspci output. I get similar results with Jouni Malinen's hostap_pci
> driver (works in 2.4, not in 2.5), which makes me think something
> changed in 2.5 that broke both drivers. This is a Linksys WMP11 PCI
> wireless adapter.
> I don't have anything fancy (himem, preempt, etc) compiled into the
> kernel, just the basics for a wireless AP/firewall.
> Thanks for any help you can provide! I'm happy to supply any additional
> information or test solutions upon request. I'm not subscribed, so
> please cc me.
> -Cory Bell

        This hardware never worked in my computer (tool old). I would
suggest complaining on the kernel mailing list with the details above
(and below - plus lspci -v), as it seems to point out to a generic PCI
problem, not a driver problem.


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