Re: [PATCH] [kconfig] Direct use of lxdialog routines by menuconfig (v3)

From: Roman Zippel (
Date: Sun Feb 09 2003 - 17:53:08 EST


On Wed, 5 Feb 2003, Petr Baudis wrote:

> > It didn't apply cleanly, I had one reject from menubox.c, which I had to
> > apply manually.
> Huh.. unreproducible here :-(. It applies cleanly to my clean 2.5.49 tree.
> Late note: so does it to 2.5.59.

There must be a problem with your kernel tree, I fetched a new 2.5.59
archive and I still get a reject.

> > Could you please add this one back and just reinitialize curses? (I
> > actually liked the new resize feature. :) )
> Well I tried to do something, but it is relatively complex, since we can't do
> almost anything useful in the signal handler itself. The problem is that for a
> reason which I'm unable to hunt down now (after approx. 4 hours of mainly
> trying to accomplish that) in some percentage of cases when the window is
> resized, something terribly pollutes the stack and we're screwed. Thus I
> temporarily disabled the functional part of the winch handler for now, the rest
> of code is in place and ready to be used by anyone brave enough to s/#if 0/#if
> 1/ in the winch handler.

I played a bit with this, try this:

static sigjmp_buf jmp_env;
static int do_jmp, need_resize;
static void winch_handler(int sig)
        if (do_jmp)
                siglongjmp(jmp_env, 1);
        need_resize = 1;

before calling into dialog add this (maybe as macro):

        if (need_resize || sigsetjmp(jmp_env, 1)) {
                resizeterm(rows + 4, cols + 5);
                /* rebuild menu */
        do_jmp = 1;

After the call reset do_jmp. It seems to work mostly, but the e.g.
menu_instructions are not correctly redrawn, any ideas?

> Otherwise (with the resizing disabled) it's quite stable about my personal
> stresstesting through, and the crash always happens inside of ncurses, so I
> don't really know... thus I believe it's ready for inclusion, we can fix the
> resizing issue later as it's not anything critical, is it? *hopeful smile*

I found some other issues. :)
The Esc key doesn't seem to work correctly, in some dialogs (choice,
string) it doesn't work at all, in menu dialogs <Esc><Esc> doesn't work
as it did.
After selecting help in choice or string dialog, the help text stays in
the background, what I find a bit confusing. Is it possible to
save/restore the old background?

> > BTW just add the other patch to this one, it's not that important to keep
> > it separate.
> Well it looks as it's included already...?

You can thank Alan. :)

bye, Roman

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