[Bug 328] New: The computer seems to hang after the kernel has uncompressed and starts to boot.

From: Martin J. Bligh (mbligh@aracnet.com)
Date: Sat Feb 08 2003 - 15:36:24 EST


           Summary: The computer seems to hang after the kernel has
                    uncompressed and starts to boot.
    Kernel Version: 2.5.59
            Status: NEW
          Severity: normal
             Owner: bugme-janitors@lists.osdl.org
         Submitter: di00enad@ing.hj.se

Distribution: RedHat 8.0
Hardware Environment: Acer Aspire 1300 laptop
Software Environment: RedHat 8.0, GCC 3.2, LILO
Problem Description: When I have compiled the kernel without problems and
restart the computer the only two lines that are printed are:

Booting 2.5.59
Uncompressing the kernel, Ok booting the kernel

then there is no more text printed out and the keyboard do not work. But I
can see some activity on the harddisk for about 10 seconds. When I reset
the computer fsck is run because the disk was not cleanly unmounted. It
seems like the system can almost boot but I can't see anything on the

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