Re: [PATCH] fix 3c509.c for MCA drivers

From: Marc Zyngier (
Date: Sat Feb 08 2003 - 12:25:59 EST

>>>>> "James" == James Bottomley <> writes:

James> I've put the el3_probe back into Space.c for ISA only otherwise
James> the driver won't work for ISA (could someone with an ISA card
James> test this).

I've managed to finally get it to compile/work for ISA/ISA-PNP. I
checked the stuff was working properly *without* el3_probe in Space.c.
I also restored the 'ether=' functionality.

Anyway, this part of the code (ISA/ISA-PNP) is a real mess, and I wish
somebody who knows what he's doing would clean it up.


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