File systems in embedded devices

From: Nandakumar NarayanaSwamy (
Date: Sat Feb 08 2003 - 09:20:09 EST

Dear All,

We are developing a embedded device based on linux. Through the
development phase we used NFS. But now we want to move some
which can be created in FLASH/RAM.

I have few doubts about the file system in embedded devices.

1) What is the file system which is used normally in all embedded

2) We tried using RAM disk as the file system. But since our
application is huge it is not able to fit into 8 MB RAM disk
created. When we tried to increase the size of the RAM disk, the
kernel crashes above 9 MB. We have 32 MB in our target board.

3) I dont know whether we can use cramfs.

Can anybody suggest me some ideas so that i can solve these

Thanks and Regards,

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