RE: Anyone know how to get soft-power-down to work on an Intel SC B2??

From: Grover, Andrew (
Date: Fri Aug 23 2002 - 18:56:41 EST

> From: Brueggeman, Steve []
> Their documentation says they support soft-power-off, but I
> certainly cannot
> figure out how to do it.
> The SCB2 only has one processor, and the kernel is compiled for single
> processor. I've enabled APM and ACPI, and the exact same
> binaries (kernel
> and modules) work on 4 different machines, and do
> soft-power-off them, and
> one of them WAS a dual processor system.
> So, I'm hoping that someone out there has figured out this problem.
> I've even tried the patches for acpi on
> They didn't help,
> and seemed to make the kernel MUCH more flakey (got illegal ioctl when
> trying to mount a loopback device)

We talking 2.4 or 2.5 here?

Please send me the output from dmesg. I have an SCB2 sitting 15 feet away
from me and haven't seen the problems you're running into.

> I'd appreciate it if you copied me on any responses, as I
> currently am not
> subscribed to the kernel mailing list, (because I don't have
> POP/SMTP access
> at work. (M.S. Exchange house and all....)

Well I have to use Exchange, and I get about 10 mailing lists, so it is

Regards -- Andy
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