Anyone know how to get soft-power-down to work on an Intel SCB2??

From: Brueggeman, Steve (
Date: Fri Aug 23 2002 - 18:18:08 EST

I cannot find any way, via BIOS, or utilities to check/select the
power-management scheme.

Their documentation says they support soft-power-off, but I certainly cannot
figure out how to do it.

The SCB2 only has one processor, and the kernel is compiled for single
processor. I've enabled APM and ACPI, and the exact same binaries (kernel
and modules) work on 4 different machines, and do soft-power-off them, and
one of them WAS a dual processor system.

So, I'm hoping that someone out there has figured out this problem.

I've even tried the patches for acpi on They didn't help,
and seemed to make the kernel MUCH more flakey (got illegal ioctl when
trying to mount a loopback device)

I'd appreciate it if you copied me on any responses, as I currently am not
subscribed to the kernel mailing list, (because I don't have POP/SMTP access
at work. (M.S. Exchange house and all....)


Steve Brueggeman
Software Engineer
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