Re: Boot failure in 2.5.31 BK with new TLS patch

From: Pavel Machek (
Date: Fri Nov 02 2001 - 03:20:21 EST


> > The boot problem only happens with my quad pentium cards, the dyad
> > pentium and 486 are fine. Originally, a voyager system with quad cards
> > just wouldn't boot (this was in the 2.2.x days). Eventually, by trial
> > and error and long debug of the boot process I discovered it would boot
> > if the GDT was 8 bytes aligned (actually, the manuals say it should be
> > 16 byte aligned, so perhaps we should also add this to the Linux
> > setup.S?). [...]
> indeed it's not aligned:
> c010025c T cpu_gdt_descr
> could you align it by adding this line replacing the ALIGN line that
> preceeds the cpu_gdt_descr definition in head.S:
> .align 32
> we want to align the GDT to 32 bytes anyway, we have optimized it for
> cache layout, and didnt realize that it wasnt aligned to begin with ...

You might want to .align L1_CACHE_SIZE (or something), IIRC P4s have bigger
cachelines than 32.

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