Does IRQ code touch FS code? (2.4.x)

From: Fruhwirth Clemens (
Date: Fri Aug 23 2002 - 12:58:38 EST


As Marcello isn't sure if he should change the IV metric in 2.4.x/loop.c, I
decided to circumvent the problem with an ugly hack.
My hack (for cryptoloop of cryptoapi) depends on the fact that
blksize[MAJOR_LOOP][SOME_MINOR] does not change within the loop thread.

The loop thread, however, runs with IRQs enabled. So IRQ handler code might
break my assumption that blksize[..] does not change. As far as I can see
there is just fs code which touches blksize. So my question is:

Is IRQ code allowed to touch FS code?

I hope some kernel wizard can clarify that issue for me. My guess is, that
IRQ code is not allowed to touch FS code, since FS code makes liberal use
of schedule(), which is forbidden for IRQ code.

Thanks, Clemens

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