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From: Bill Unruh (
Date: Fri Aug 23 2002 - 11:12:34 EST

OK, that problem is usually a "hardware" problem-- ie the hardware is
not responding properly to the icotl request. This could be because
there is not hardware there (eg trying to open a serial port which does
not exist on the machine), or is busy, or has been left in some weird
state. The last sounds most likely here-- eg the serial port on your
modem thinks it is still busy.

You could try running the little program I got basically from Carlson in
to try resetting the serial line befor the next attempt (eg, put it into
Not sure if this is the problem however.

On Fri, 23 Aug 2002, Mike Dresser wrote:

> On Fri, 23 Aug 2002, Bill Unruh wrote:
> > Well, it would be good if you actually told us what problem you were
> > describing. Is this a new connection attempt after the first hang up?
> > What?
> >
> > What repeats over and over-- I see no repeat.
> I >
> > You also do not tell us info like what kind of modem is this-- external,
> > internal, serial, usb, pci, winmodem,....
> >
> > I assume what you are refering to is the "inappropriate ioctl" line.
> > This indicates a hardware problem.
> >
> > Actually, it looks to me like another pppd is up on the line. Those
> > EchoReq are another pppd receiving stuff on an open pppd on another
> > line. More information on what it is you are trying to do, on what your
> > system is, and what the problem is might get you help.
> >
> Sorry.
> It's a new connection from the persist option. The exact same message
> repeats for every dial out it attempts.
> It's a PCI 3com 56k Sportster. It's a hardware modem.
> There is sometimes another pppd up on ttys1
> Here's the setup:
> There is an external modem on ttyS01, irq 3, that dials in occasionally as
> needed.
> there is an internal PCI modem on ttyS04, irq 5, that dials in permamently
> to the ISP.
> Every 6 hours, the ISP enforces the 6 hour hangup rule they have.
> The modem is set to persist, max-fails 0. It is not able to redial, and
> keeps giving the error message that i pasted.
> Under 2.2.x, this functioned properly.
> System is a VIA VT82C693A/694x [Apollo PRO133x] based motherboard, from
> Giga-byte, if I remember correctly. Celeron 533.
> Sorry about the too brief error message, I fell into my "it makes sense to
> me the way it is" trap.
> Mike

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