Re: SMP Netfinity 340 hangs under 2.4.19

From: Maurice Volaski (
Date: Fri Aug 23 2002 - 03:47:57 EST

> > A single processor Netfinity 340 running RedHat 7.1 and kernel 2.4.18
>> was recently upgraded to
>> 1) 1 GB RAM
>> 2) second processor (1 Ghz Xeon)
>> 3) 2.4.19 for SMP with bigmem and added NFS server patches and
>> ext3-related patches.
>Exactly what patches ? and does unpatched 2.4.19 behave ?

These from Neil Brown:
patch-A-UmemWarn Fix the compile warning ....
patch-B-0-9-18 Latest Ext3 patches
patch-C-Ext3Fixes Fix some problems with ext3
patch-D-NfsdLookupTidy Tidy up code in nfsd_lookup
patch-E-NfsdInit Tidyup init/exit fof nfsd module
patch-F-NfsdFsid Support fsid= export option to be device
number independent
patch-G-NfsdLocksExplock Change export table lock to (SMP
safe) rwsemaphore
patch-H-NfsdLocksCachelock Lock reply cache with SMP safety.
patch-I-NfsdLocksNfssvc Tidy up locking in nfssvc - preparing for BKL removal
patch-J-NfsdLocksRename protect rename and related operations by kernel_lock
patch-K-NfsdFhLock protect file handle lookup by kernel lock
patch-L-NfsdLocksRacache protect read-ahead cache with SMP safe locking
patch-M-NfsdBKLgone Remove last unneeded bit of BKL from knfsd
patch-N-RpcLists Change sunrpc to use more list.h lists
patch-O-RpcInit Get sunrpc to use module_init properly
patch-P-RpcSvcLocking Tidy up SMP locking for svc_sock
patch-Q-RpcTcpCloseBad Detect and close tcp connections that we
cannot work with.
patch-R-RpcTcpCloseIdle Close idle rpc/tcp sockets
patch-S-RpcTcpReserve Make sure there is alway adequate sndbuf
space for replies.
patch-T-RpcSvcTcpLimit Limit number of active tcp connections to an
RPC service
patch-U-NfsdTcpEnable Enable NFS over TCP via config option
patch-c-NfsfhErrFix Correct some error codes reutrned in nfsfh.c

I haven't tried plain 2.4.19 yet. Should I have reason to not trust
these patches?

> > Is there significance to the fact that keyboard and mouse are frozen
>> but apparently some processes are still up?
>Interrupts are running but its stuck looping in kernel space I suspect.

So could this be taken to mean the issue is most likely software
(presumably kernel)-related?


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