SMP Netfinity 340 hangs under 2.4.19

From: Maurice Volaski (
Date: Fri Aug 23 2002 - 02:58:39 EST

A single processor Netfinity 340 running RedHat 7.1 and kernel 2.4.18
was recently upgraded to

1) 1 GB RAM
2) second processor (1 Ghz Xeon)
3) 2.4.19 for SMP with bigmem and added NFS server patches and
ext3-related patches.

Heavily used processes are netatalk, samba, and NFS.

The box is now hard locking periodically (every several days).

Lore elsewhere on the Internet says Netfinity SMP boxes have had
trouble with the nmi-watchdog and the screen blanker. The former was
turning off via LILO and the latter turned off in script (for both
terminal and for X).

It seemed that box was OK (for about 2 weeks) when it was not
attached to external RAID hardware (via Adaptec 29160LP card). At
least one hang occurred during fsck of the hardware RAID and another
during what was probably heavy disk activity on the RAID.

The memory was reverted back to the original but it still hung.
Presumably, this rules out #1.

In the latest hang, the keyboard is locked up, but the Ethernet card
(e1000) has link and ssh and https and ping respond on scan but
that's it.Also, heartbeat runs on the box and it stopped reporting to
the motherboard Ethernet and serial port being watched by failover
node's heartbeat.

Note that another box configured virtually identically except for the
e1000 and the Adaptec card (no external RAID) has not hung.

Is there significance to the fact that keyboard and mouse are frozen
but apparently some processes are still up?

Does anyone one think this could be an issue with the patched SMP kernel?

More keywords: crash, freeze, hung, frozen, locked up.


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