Re: Basic question

From: nejhdeh (
Date: Thu Aug 22 2002 - 20:44:35 EST

I have a question about fork() and messages..

For simplicity, I have a parent process that forks() two child processes (say
pid1 & pid2).

How do I set priority levels of child1 vs child2. I want child1 to have a much
higher priority level, since its going to read inputs from a serial device in
the outside world?

Using basic signal calls say SIGUSR1, how can I communicate (without
semaphores) between child1 and child2 through the parent? For instance if the
child1 gets blocked forever trying to read the serial device then I want to
notify the parent to kill child2??

Your time in this matter is greatly appreciated.

> Regards
> Nejhdeh Ghevondian
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