Re: New large block-device patch for 2.5.31+bk

From: Peter Chubb (
Date: Thu Aug 22 2002 - 18:27:53 EST

>>>>> "Christoph" == Christoph Hellwig <> writes:

Christoph> I don't have much comments left :) What about moving the
Christoph> sector_t typedef completly to <asm/types.h>? Looks like
Christoph> the cleanest solution to me.

I'd rather not, because most of the architectures just need the
generic version. I *hate* unnecessarily duplicated code.

Christoph> I also wonder whether CONFIG_LBD might want to move to
Christoph> arch/*/config.

I thought about that, but couldn't work out any way to make it appear
in the right place in the menus --- it's really a block device
configuration option that happens to be needed only for a few

Christoph> An a little suggestion: you could feed that patch to Linus
Christoph> in pieces. The printk cleanups might be a good start.

Will do...

Dr Peter Chubb
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