A copy_from_user problem in 2.5(.31)

From: Rasmus Andersen (rasmus@jaquet.dk)
Date: Thu Aug 22 2002 - 16:23:19 EST


I am looking at getting the SX serial driver to work under 2.5,
specifically 2.5.31 (no others have been tried). The SX board
needs to have its firmware downloaded (uploaded?) before it works,
by some ioctl magic on a misc device. The ioctl does copy_from_user
to get the firmware. This copy_from_user fails under 2.5.31 but
works on 2.4.19.

The firmware in userspace is a char array part of program text.
If I walk or otherwise touch this array prior to the ioctl,
it works fine on 2.5.31.

The copy_from_user fails at addres 804BFFE, AFAICS.

I probably missed an inportant datapoint. Please ask for more


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