Re: MM patches against 2.5.31

From: Steven Cole (
Date: Thu Aug 22 2002 - 14:45:52 EST

On Thu, 2002-08-22 at 10:06, Martin J. Bligh wrote:
> > kjournald: page allocation failure. order:0, mode:0x0
> I've seen this before, but am curious how we ever passed
> a gfpmask (aka mode) of 0 to __alloc_pages? Can't see anywhere
> that does this?
> Thanks,
> M.

I ran dbench 1..128 on 2.5.31-mm1 several more times with nothing
unusual happening, and then got this from pdflush with dbench 96.

pdflush: page allocation failure. order:0, mode:0x0

FWIW, this 2.5.31-mm1 kernel is SMP, HIGHMEM4G, no PREEMPT.


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