Date: Thu Aug 22 2002 - 14:01:47 EST

> Earlier this evening I happened to compile a 2.4.20-pre4 and got
> efi.c: In function `add_gpt_partitions':
> efi.c:728: `NULL_GUID' undeclared (first use in this function)
> Earlier it was defined in include/asm-ia64/efi.h,
> but since there is no relation with ia64 it is reasonable
> that it was moved, only it never arrived in partitions/efi.h.
> [I'll be lazy and not supply the trivial patch. Too likely
> that others already did.]

Yep. FWIW, these are incorporated in the IA64 port patch released yesterday
too. I'd love to see these included in the standard 2.4.x trees.

Patches available in a number of places:
bk pull

As separate patches:
has been in the IA64 port for a while. This fixes the endianness issues
with the efi_guid_t type and adds the NULL_GUID definition needed to compile
the GPT code.

moves include/asm-ia64/efi.h to include/linux/efi.h similar to the 2.5
patches. This is needed to allow the GPT code to compile on non-IA64
platforms too, necessary for the use of really big disks.

has been the IA64 port for a while. This fixes efi_guid_unparse for

These need to be applied in the above order, as #1 touches efi.h, #2
touches and moves efi.h, and #3 touches it then too. All are already in the
ia64 port tree, but Marcelo and Alan don't have any of these three yet.
I've compiled this on x86 against BK-current building in GPT with no


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