RE: Hyperthreading

From: Nir Soffer (
Date: Thu Aug 22 2002 - 07:58:33 EST

> On Wed, 21 Aug 2002, James Bourne wrote:
> > On Wed, 21 Aug 2002, Reed, Timothy A wrote:
> > >
> > > Can anyone lead me to a good source of information on
> what options should be
> > > in the kernel for hyperthreading?? I am still fighting with a
> > > sub-contractor over kernel options.
> >
> > As long as you have a P4 and use the P4 support you will get
> > hyperthreading with 2.4.19 (CONFIG_MPENTIUM4=y). 2.4.18
> you have to also
> > turn it on with a lilo option of acpismp=force on the
> kernel command line.
> You do need CONFIG_SMP and a processor capable of HyperThreading,
> i.e. Pentium 4 XEON; but CONFIG_MPENTIUM4 is not necessary for HT,
> just appropriate to that processor in other ways.
> Hugh

Grepping for MPENTIUM4 in the tree only shows up that it causes the
kernel to be compiled with -march=i686, much like M686 and MPENTIUMIII.
Are there more subtle ways it affects the kernel that I missed? (in the
2.4.x tree)


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