Re: [patch] IPMI driver for Linux

From: Larry Butler (
Date: Wed Aug 21 2002 - 15:41:40 EST


I've been working on a driver too because the busy waits in the drivers that
are out there can hold a CPU for too long. I've measured as much as 120ms.

First I tried sleeping in the driver until the very next jiffy. I found that
my driver became unreliable under high CPU load because the scheduling delays
were too long. I even managed wedge the BMC on one of my test systems in a
way I can't seem to fix. :)

What I finally settled on was using the timer interrupt. This seems to work
well both in terms of being nice to the rest of the system (I register a
shared irq handler only while I need it) and being reliable even under high
load. So, just consider it a suggestion. I'd like to see your driver
included too. It's certainly more complete than mine. You must have access
to more documentation than I do.


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