Race in pagevec code

From: Christian Ehrhardt (ehrhardt@mathematik.uni-ulm.de)
Date: Wed Aug 21 2002 - 10:45:35 EST


the following could explain Ooops reports which
BUG_ON(page->pte.chain != NULL) and possibly others. The kernel I'm
talking about is 2.5.31+akpm-everything.gz but others might be
affected as well:

Summary: Don't try to work with page_count == 0.
         Don't hold references to a page that don't count towards
         the page count.

Processor 1 Processor 2
refill_inactive grabs a page with
page_count == 1 from the lru.
                                       __pagevec_release tries to release
                                         the same page with page_count == 1
                                         and does put_page_test_zero
                                         bringing the page_count to 0
                                         (No spinlocks involved!)

                                       Interrupt or preempt or something
                                         else that gives the other processor
                                         some time.

refill_inactive calls page_cache_get
bringing the page_count back to 1
(this should ring some alarm bells)

refill_inactive continues all the way
down until it calls __pagevec_release

__pagevec_release calls put_page_test_zero
bringing the count back to 0

      Both processors succeeded in bringing the page_count to zero,
      i.e. both processors will add the page to their own

actually frees the page and reallocates
it to a new process which immediatly
sets page->pte.chain to something useful.

                                          actully frees the page and sees
                                          BUGs on page->pte.chain beeing
                                          non zero.
Depending on what the new process does with the page this may also
explain other Ooopses on one of the BUGs in free_pages_ok as well.
Also it probably isn't necessarily a pagevec only BUG. I think
__page_cache_release has very much the same Problem:

Processor 1 Processor 2
page_cache_release frees a page
still on a lru list brining the
page count to to 0.
   => Interrupt to make the timeing

                                          Grabs page from lru list
                                          and temporarily increments
                                          page_count back to 1.
BUG_ON(page_count(page) != 0)
in __page_cache_release.

I don't have a fix but I think the only real solution is to
increment the page count if a page is on a lru list. After all
this is a reference to the page.

     regards Christian Ehrhardt

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