oops while fixating cd-r: 2.4.18,aha152x,phillips cdd2600

From: bd@bc-bd.org
Date: Wed Aug 21 2002 - 12:16:40 EST


i can reproduce an oops on 2.4.18 when trying to fixate a CD-R. i use
the Phillips CD2600 CD-Writer attached to an old ISA aha1510 SCSI card.
cdrecord was used (1.10) to create the cd.

i changed all cables to assure that they are ok and my MO (FUJUTSU)
works fine with the controler. the writer works fine with windows so i
dont think that either the controler nor the writer is broken.

the oops's are from my i586 machine, running debian/testing. i can not
test this issue wihh the 2.4.19 kernel, since it hangs on boottime
during partitionchecking, even with -ac4.

i tested the writer on my p3 with an adaptec controler useing the
NCR53C8XX module with kernel 2.4.18. there i can _not_ produce an oops,
but i can only fixate a cd-r one time per module load. i even tried the
open tray, close tray trick descriped on the cdrecord page. after
un- and reloading the module i can fixate a cd again. the problem
persists with 2.4.19 (this ones debian/testing too).


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