Re: shared graphic ram hangs kernel since 2.4.3-ac1

From: Justin Heesemann (
Date: Wed Aug 21 2002 - 06:52:29 EST

ok.. i finally managed to get the exact file that causes the problems.

2.4.19-pre6 works.
2.4.19-pre7 doesnt: hangs right after "Ok, booting the kernel"
2.4.19-pre7 with pre6 arch/i386/kernel/setup.c works !
as i dont have any highmem support configured and as i always have to provide
the option mem=511M (due to 1MB shared video ram) i suspect that part of
setup.c. but as i'm not a kernel hacker, any help would be appreciated.
note: any kernel prior to 2.4.3 was able to boot without the mem=511M option.;file=%2Fpub%2Flinux%2Fkernel%2Fv2.4%2Ftesting%2Fincr%2Fpatch-2.4.19-pre6-pre7.gz;z=54

shows the diff which causes my problems..
anyone ?

Best Regards,
Justin Heesemann
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