Re: Linux 2.4.20-pre4 blows away Xwindows with Matrox G400 and DRM

From: Allan Duncan (
Date: Tue Aug 20 2002 - 16:46:59 EST

Alan Cox wrote:
> Also look in dmesg - you should see messages about the loading of the
> matrox drm module

I had a look in var/log/dmesg of a good boot, and that stops logging
when all the partitions are up. The command "dmesg" goes a little
further and includes the agpgart and drm along with eth0 etc., but
I can't run _that_ on the failed pre4 'cause it reboots instantly.

The last line of /var/log/messages before "restart" for the failed
boot would normally be followed by messages on the start of agpgart
followed by drm.

There is a little in the ksymoops, "start modprobe agpgart safemode=0"
followed by the first line of the next boot.

I forgot to mention before, I'm running ext3, and the Matrox drivers
from 28 Feb 02 (current) on essentially a RedHat 7.3, but with gcc 3.2

Any other logging I could set up?
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