IDE-TNG what to do ?

From: John Jones (
Date: Tue Aug 20 2002 - 10:26:19 EST

Dear all

after reading some posts and previously trying to get a PIIX chip to
work I have come to the following conclusion

IDE is not nice

here is my suggestion:

Leave the old drivers (or 2.4 forward port) alone and fix any bugs
slowly massaging it to what you want

IDE-TNG should ONLY deal with Serial ATA and ONLY chipset support not
PCI based implementations and should be a config option (keep it simple
as possible).

this way we have a clean start with a spec and not huge amounts of
combinations to test in the real world (so we can report those bugs
that a US company wont talk about for fear of litigation)
we have drivers that are known to work in the real world (the 2.4
forward port)

what do you think ?


John Jones

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