Re: P4 with i845E not booting with 2.4.19 / 3.5.31

From: Rohan Deshpande (
Date: Tue Aug 20 2002 - 08:46:21 EST

Jens Wiesecke wrote:
hi there,

something to the same extent happened to me, with my P4, as ACPI caused
a kernel panic. if you have acpi enabled, try disabling it.


>I have the problem that my new P4 (1.6 GHz Northwood) box with i845E
>chipset doesn't boot with the 2.4.19(-pre2) kernel nor with the 2.5.31
>kernel (I also tested RedHat and Suse kernels without success). But it
>does boot with the late 2.2 series kernels (I tested 2.2.19 and 2.2.21).
>After displaying the message "umcompressing linux ... ok. Bootig the
>kernel" nothing else happens.
>Can anybody please give me a hint how I can look for further debug
>information ?
>Best regards

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