Re: MAX_PID changes in 2.5.31

From: Ingo Molnar (
Date: Mon Aug 19 2002 - 17:46:15 EST

On Mon, 19 Aug 2002, Richard Gooch wrote:

> > no, in other words: "yes, if you use SysV IPC semaphores/semaphores
> > in any of your binaries in your system, which binaries were linked
> > against glibc 2.1 or older, and if you have set
> > /proc/sys/kernel/pid_max to a value higher than 32K."
> Ah, OK. So if I leave /proc/sys/kernel/pid_max alone, nothing will
> break. Will the default ever change, or do you plan on leaving it as is?

the default will be something sane, ie. probably larger than 32K. There is
safe code in glibc to catch your old applications from doing any
stupidity, then you can change pid_max or just upgrade your system (like
you did with the kernel). It's not a big dependency to require the setting
of pid_max if you want binary compatibility with rare old stuff.


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