Re: MAX_PID changes in 2.5.31

From: Richard Gooch (
Date: Mon Aug 19 2002 - 17:31:26 EST

Ingo Molnar writes:
> Linus,
> afaics, you did the PID_MAX changes in v2.5.31? This is a change i had for
> (surprise) threading purposes already, but done a bit differently.
> The main problem is that there's the old-style SysV IPC interface
> that uses 16-bit PIDs still. All recent SysV applications (linked
> against glibc 2.2 or newer) use IPC_64, but any application linked
> against pre-2.2 glibcs will fail. glibc 2.2 was released 2 years
> ago, is this enough of a timeout to obsolete the non-IPC_64
> interfaces?

Are you saying that people running libc 5 or even glibc 2.1 will
suddenly have their code broken?


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