Re: [PATCH] 2.5.31 driverfs: patch for your consideration

From: Patrick Mochel (
Date: Mon Aug 19 2002 - 13:19:53 EST

> Also if You're interested here's the write support for "driver".

This just doesn't make sense. When a device is inserted or a driver is
loaded, the bus tries to attach devices to a driver by comparing the
hardware ID of a device to the list of supported IDs of a driver. This is
handled at the bus level because the format of the ID and the semantics
for matching them are bus-specific.

Regardless, it happens automatically. It just doesn't make sense to let
people try and bind a device to some random driver.

Suppose we did support this. If you write the name of a driver to a file,
we search the bus's list of drivers for a match. We then let the bus
compare the hardware IDs and call probe if it matches.

One big problem is that the IDs in the driver are marked __devinitdata, so
they're thrown away after init (if hotplugging is not enabled). So, we
would have to change every driver.

Besides, it just doesn't make sense. If $user wants to use a different
or third party driver, let them rmmod and insmod.

> PS: Would you be interested in a patch that would port the pnpbios
> driver to the driver model?



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