Re: [linux-usb-devel] Linux 2.4.20pre3 breaks alsa 0.9.0.rc3

From: Alan Cox (
Date: Mon Aug 19 2002 - 11:33:22 EST

On Mon, 2002-08-19 at 17:09, Jack Howarth wrote:
> I haven't seen this mentioned yet but the new
> pre3 changes remove the typedef of urb_t and purb_t
> from include/linux/usb.h. This causes alas-drivers
> 0.9.0rc3 to fail to compile. I wanted to find out
> if this removal of urb_t and purb_t was
> final or if it would be regressed back in pre4?

Its part of the 2.4/2.5 usb cleanup of dumb typedefs. You can probably
search-and-destroy them into the struct form with no problems

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