Serial Console

From: Carlos Velasco (
Date: Mon Aug 19 2002 - 04:10:45 EST


I have configured kernel to do output to tty0 and ttyS0 (serial console).

image = /boot/vmlinuz_2419
  root = /dev/hda3
  label = linux_2419
  append="console=ttyS0,115200n8r console=tty0 vga=0x0301"

However I have seen that if I don't open the serial port from another machine, I can't reboot or boot kernel, as the output seems to freeze until port is open. When I open the serial port, normal operation is resumed.
Is there something to solve this issue?
I would like to use the serial console only when needed not always that I want boot or reboot machine.

Carlos Velasco

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