ANNOUNCE: gcml2 0.7

From: Greg Banks (
Date: Mon Aug 19 2002 - 04:06:16 EST


gcml2 is (among other things) a Linux kconfig language syntax
checker. Version 0.7 is available at


There's also an online summary of the warnings and errors from the
syntax checker, with real examples, from

Here's the change log

* Warnings can be individually enabled. Default set depends
   on whether the parser is in merge mode. API functions to
   enable/disable warnings by index and convert a string name
   to an index.

* Added check for define to nonliteral expression.

* More precise check for ambiguous comparison against "n" only
   complains for symbols which are forward-declared at the point
   when compared.

* Made inconsistent-tag warnings more precise; doesn't
   emit spurious warnings about define_bool not having an

* More precise check for forward references and forward
   dependencies can tell the difference between forward and
   undeclared, at the cost of some storage.

* Check for overlapping definitions by reducing conditions to
   disjunctive normal forms.

* Added check for forward dependencies.

* Added check for misuse of and dependency on arch-constant
   symbols like CONFIG_X86.

* Renamed summarise-warnings.awk -> summarize.awk and installed

* Added cml-summarize shell script, which runs summarize.awk.

* Added cml-check-all shell script, based on old,
   but now also handles running cml-summarize.

* Added manpages for cml-check, cml-check-all and
   cml-summarize. Description of errors and warnings for the
   cml-check manpage is controlled in HTML and shared with the
   web page.

* RPM package support: added spec file, rpm: target.


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