Re: Does Solaris really scale this well?

From: Larry McVoy (
Date: Sat Aug 17 2002 - 19:55:17 EST

On Sun, Aug 18, 2002 at 12:03:24AM +0100, Ruth Ivimey-Cook wrote:
> >> "When you take a 99-way UltraSPARC III machine and add a 100th processor,
> >> you get 94 percent linear scalability. You can't get 94 percent linear
> >> scalability on your first Intel chip. It's very, very hard to do, and they
> >> have not done it."
> I've seen scientific reports of scalability that good in non-shared memory
> computers (mostly in transputer arrays) where (with a scalable algorithm)
> unless you got >90% you were doing something wrong. However, if you insist on
> sharing main memory, I still don't believe you can get anywhere near that...
> IMO 30% is doing very well once past the first few CPUs.

Please reconsider your opinion. Both Sun and SGI scale past 100 CPUs on
reasonable workloads in shared memory. Where "reasonable" != easy to do.

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