[PATCH] (2/4) discontigmem support for i386 against 2.4.20pre3

From: Patricia Gaughen (gone@us.ibm.com)
Date: Sat Aug 17 2002 - 19:44:47 EST

This patch restructures mem_init() for i386 to make it easier to
include the i386 numa changes (for CONFIG_DISCONTIGMEM) I've been
working on. A version of this patch is the in 2.4 aa tree.

The main thing patch does is moves the code from mem_init() that
sets the max_mapnr and counts up and initializes the highpages,
and counts free pages into seperate functions. So that I can
redefine the functions in my discontigmem patch. Also, the code
in paging_init() that figures out the size of the zones and calls
free_area_init() is pulled into a separate function
(zone_sizes_init() - this function exists in 2.5 and was written
by someone other than me :-) so that I can redefine this function
in the discontig case.

This patch does not depend on the other patches I'm submitting today, but
my discontigmem patch does depend on this one.

I've tested this patch on the following configurations: UP, SMP, SMP PAE,
multiquad, multiquad PAE.

Any and all feedback regarding this patch is greatly appreciated.


Patricia Gaughen (gone@us.ibm.com)
IBM Linux Technology Center

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