ps/2 probs w/ asus board

From: Marc Schoenborn (
Date: Sat Aug 17 2002 - 06:19:34 EST

Hi everyone -

I'm having problems using the extended ps/2 procotol (here: imps/2) on an asus

* Xfree86 4.2.0:
using protocol ImPS/2 the curser jumps to the lower left corner when making
negative movements (left/down). Button events are happening randomly.
gpm is disabled.
Protocol PS/2 works fine but wheels are not responding.

* gpm (just for testing purposes):
using protocol ImPS/2 the cursor the cursor goes crazy.
Protocol PS/2 works fine.

_possible cause:_
It seems that linux kernel is not initializing the imps/2 protocol correctly
with that board.
Everything worked fine with a DFI K6BV3+, AMD K6-III 400.

* asus a7a266-E board (ali magik-1 chipset, M1647 north, M1535D+ south)
* cpu AMD XP 2000+
* A4tech trackball; two wheels, three buttons

* using an XP1600+ with the same board it is possible to make use of ImPS/2
but with limitations:
Right after starting up the X server the mouse curser jumps to the lower left
corner when making negative movements. Switching several times from console
to X and back _can_ solve the problem (even the mouse wheels are working,
wow), restarting the X server multiple times _can_ solve the problem too, but
there's no guarantee this would work.
Now, using an XP2000+ this trick doesn't work anymore.

* this problem was discussed in linux.debian.user.german, message ID
<GfumSC.A.c5E.4V478@murphy> and following.

is there anything I can do to make this trackball work with this board?


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