Re: IDE?

From: Andrew Morton (
Date: Fri Aug 16 2002 - 21:08:35 EST

Rik van Riel wrote:
> On Sat, 17 Aug 2002, Marc-Christian Petersen wrote:
> > > In article <2444170000.1029531611@flay>,
> > > Martin J. Bligh <> wrote:
> > > > So did Linus get disk corruption or is something else afoot?
> > > Martin gave up the fight he had to do all the time, so..
> >
> > I am beside my self with laughing, sorry :P
> Having thrown away months and months of hard work, or
> giving up on months of hard work is NOT FUN.
> I'm thankful Martin tried to make the IDE layer better.
> His method of removing things to "add a better implementation
> later" may not have worked out in the end, but I'm thankful
> he tried.

Yes. Martin starkly demonstrated how much work is needed in
there, and how much cruft has accumulated. That is valuable.

And I take back my bugreport regarding failure to read the final
eight sectors of my 80 gig maxtors on HPT374. Linus' current
tree has the same failure.

(gdb) bt
#0 __lock_page (page=0xc108141c) at /usr/src/25/include/asm/bitops.h:136
#1 0xc012d313 in lock_page (page=0xc3ff48c0) at filemap.c:710
#2 0xc012e561 in read_cache_page (mapping=0xc2f6d3c4, index=7, filler=0xc0143dc0 <blkdev_readpage>, data=0x0)
    at filemap.c:1765
#3 0xc016488e in read_dev_sector (bdev=0xc2f11f60, n=63, p=0xc3fdbe38) at check.c:458
#4 0xc0164a3b in parse_extended (state=0xc2f02000, bdev=0xc2f11f60, first_sector=63, first_size=48243132)
    at msdos.c:106
#5 0xc0164d7f in msdos_partition (state=0xc2f02000, bdev=0xc2f11f60) at msdos.c:433
#6 0xc01646a6 in check_partition (hd=0xc2fb73c0, bdev=0xc2f11f60) at check.c:288
#7 0xc0164840 in grok_partitions (dev={value = 8448}, size=160086528) at check.c:448
#8 0xc01647b6 in register_disk (gdev=0xc2fb73c0, dev={value = 8448}, minors=64, ops=0xc0322660, size=160086528)
    at check.c:422
#9 0xc0212193 in idedisk_attach (drive=0xc03895dc) at ide-disk.c:1492
#10 0xc020a751 in subdriver_match (channel=0xc03894b0, ops=0xc03230e0) at main.c:526
#11 0xc020aac6 in register_ata_driver (driver=0xc03230e0) at main.c:1090
#12 0xc033f3dd in idedisk_init () at ide-disk.c:1503
#13 0xc033d914 in ata_module_init () at main.c:1377
#14 0xc033da27 in init_ata () at main.c:1417

(And grep bio drivers/ide/ataraid.c || echo drat)
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