Re: 2.4.19 ATAPI cdrom I/O errors when reading CD-R

From: Adrian Bunk (
Date: Fri Aug 16 2002 - 12:35:02 EST

On Fri, 16 Aug 2002, Jean Delvare wrote:

> > > Could you please try to read the same CD-R with kernel 2.4.18? If
> > > you still can't read the CD, try with kernel 2.4.17, and so on back
> > > to 2.2.20, so we have a chance to find the change causing the
> > > problem. (Be careful to skip problematic kernels, 2.4.15 and 2.4.11
> > > come to mind.)
> >
> > This is a joke, isn't it?
> Hm no, wasn't. I couldn't see another solution. Seems a bit hard to
> reproduce on another system, since it must be related to the specific
> hardware (drive, writer and CD-R) used.

The way you suggested to check for the first kernel version that was
broken works if you want to find the exact version when something breaks
e.g. between -pre3 and -pre6. Between two major releases of Linux there
1. too many releases and
2. the development kernels might be broken in _many_ different ways which
   would make it hard to find the version where the current breakage
   occured first; and not to forget
3. it costs much time to compile try let's say 40 different kernels (not
   to mention that each of them has its' unique bugs)

> What would you suggest?

Someone with a better knowledge of ATAPI might be able to understand what
the error messages say and to either understand the problem or to tell how
to trace it down.



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